2nd Berna: Tomboy Physically Abused A Kid For Bringing Her A Cigarette Stick Cut Into Half

Not only housewives experience domestic violence but kids as well. Such fact is the very reason for Republic Act 9262, Anti-Violence Against Women and Children (Anti-VAWC). In some cases, kids often experience violence and verbal abuse when some parent’s patience tick off. They are not a punching bag, and they don’t deserve such treatment.

Recently, a stepmother named Berna went viral for abusing her live-in partner’s daughter. Now, another Berna-like is about to go viral for abusing her partner’s daughter.

Violent Live-in Partner

In a Facebook page, Ginalingan Eh, a tomboy was reported to have abused her partner’s daughter after she gets the kid out to buy her some cigarettes. The alleged tomboy who maltreated the kid is identified as “Teng” and the poor child as “Shane.”

According to the post, Teng asked Shane to buy cigarettes but the kid went back and gave them cut into halves. And that was the time when the suspect gravely hit the child and blow one’s stack. Teng did not stop from thereon instead hit the kid with a hanger until the latter gets bruises.

Shreds of Evidence Against The Tomboy

Photos are posted as well showing Shane’s swollen eyes due to abuse, fresh wounds and signs of violence all over the kid’s body. Also, there is an uploaded conversation of the suspect and the kid’s aunt who seems furious on the offender. Teng was pleading Shane’s aunt not to post the incident and at the same time admit the guilt. However, the tomboy and Shane’s mother are currently not in good terms due to the incident.

As of this writing, the poor fella is under the custody of her aunt. Angered netizens call the tomboy as a shame in the LGBT community.
Some expressed their anger by calling the suspect with names. Most can’t believe how one can do such violence to a kid all because of a single cigarette stick.

Here are some of the angry comments from our netizens.

Source: Facebook

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