AHEM! 40,000 Sacks of Rice Seized From Rice Hoarders In Iligan City

National Food Authority together with Philippine National Police and other governmental agency continues the fight against rice cartel and hoarders. In a post of Manny Pinol, two rice traders are arrested due to rice hoarding and their involvement with rice cartel. The two rice traders are identified as Sonia Payan who is a Filipino-Chinese and a certain Johnny Tan, a Taiwanese national.

Rice Campaign

According to NFA Acting Administrator Tomas Escarez, the sacks of rice are hid inside four rice warehouses in Iligan City. The two alleged hoarders are the firsts to be arrested under the rice hoarding campaign. The said movement was ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Rice Profiteers

An estimate of 40,000 sacks of rice is confiscated. Not only NFA and police authorities raid the four warehouses but the sub-committees from different government offices too. The Sub-committees of the said campaign which closely looked on the warehouses are Department of Trade and Industry, Philippine Ports Authority, National Bureau of Investigation, Philippine Coast Guard, National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, and Department of Labor and Employment.

Furthermore, the documents presented by the rice traders do not match on the inventory which the authorities find inauthentic thus the arrest of the suspects.

Rice Campaign’s First Achievement

Pinol claims that this is by far the biggest accomplishment since the rice campaign.


Media reports that the mass still cries on the continuous effects of inflation in the country today. As everybody adjusts on the economy’s status quo, there are some people out there trying to gain from other’s adversity- a reason why the government strictly implements and keep its keen eye on the profiteers.

Most netizens suggest that smuggled rice sacks should be distributed to the poor instead. Some commend the government for a job well done. But some finds this economic sabotage a desperate move from the LP, in order to turn down the Duterte administration.

Here are the reactions from our netizens.

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