Cellphone Snatcher Almost Shot In The Face By A Civilian Officer Who Responded

Another commotion in the streets was captured by a netizen in broad daylight. A terrifying arrest wherein a civilian officer is pulling a gun trigger in a suspect’s face was caught on cam by a passerby in Rizal Ave, near Bambang station.


In a post by Jericson Marquez, he told of how a student was walking while using her phone when a group of snatchers suddenly took her phone away.

Luckily, there was a civilian officer who took control of the situation. The student was able to point to the jeep where the group of snatchers rode until they were eventually caught.


At first, one suspect can be seen being held by the civilian officer. He was calling out to his friends to accompany him. When his friend went to him, he attempted to escape that resulted in the officer to pin him to the floor.

The suspect held on to his companion who came over that’s why he also can’t escape. The officer had a gun in the suspect’s face. This is when two of the suspect’s girl companions came to the rescue. They were attempting to pry the officer’s hands away from their companion. But the officer held fast and had a cocked gun ready to fire.


The post was meant to be a reminder for everyone who uses their phones while on the streets.  Marquez said that he used to use his phone anywhere until he witnessed this on broad daylight.

He reminded the people to refrain from using their phones especially if they have no important calls and texts.

This happened in broad daylight, with a lot of people passing by. This just goes to show that the streets are not safe anymore, we all have to be vigilant.

Source: Facebook

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