GRABE NAMAN! Teenager Almost Cried With Blood As Mother Scooped Out Her Eyeball For Being Lazy

Parents today are into inside jokes about their kids being lazy. Aside from the fact that schooling takes a great responsibility and takes too much time of their every day nowadays, still, they are bound to have their own house chores as a way to give a little help to their parents.

Physical Abuse

Some parents complain about having lazy kids, but despite such manner, we never heard of a parent who abused his or her kid regarding such habit. Not until a GMA News YouScooper shared the misfortune of a friend’s sister who happened to be physically abused by their mother.

Lazy Kid

According to the photo uploaders, Mikaela Elaine Venus Cortez and Mary Joy Lacaba, the mother abducted the teenager’s eye because the said kid was lazy. It can be seen in the photo where the young kid almost cried with blood due to the incident.

In another photo, bruises in yellow can be seen in the arm of the kid, a sign of physical restraint. The uploader pleads for Raffy Tulfo’s attention to give justice to their friend.

Netizens are in rage and find the photos and the back story depressing. One of the netizens commented justifying the action of the cruel mother saying that the latter could have lost her temper which eventually led to such an event.

Habitual Abuser

Lacaba who knows the family personally replied to one of the netizens attesting that the mother is a habitual abuser and been doing the abuse long before. Mary Joy shared that the mother used to drown her kids on drum full of water.

Also, she used to pull the kid’s hair in front of other people in a mall. And given the fact that the kids are lazy, they still don’t deserve the cruelty.

Wife Over Kids

The father, however, is a seaman according to Lacaba as asked by a netizen. They used to help the kids before through Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) but the mother is a good actress, as per Mary Joy.

Furthermore, the father prefers to believe in his wife’s version of the story than his abused kids.

Source: Facebook

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