LOOK: 4 Container Vans Of Expired Relief Goods For “Yolanda” Victims Destroyed By Customs

Relief goods from Belgium, Norway, and US that would have greatly helped the victims of Yolanda were instead destroyed by the Bureau of Customs due to the negligence of the previous administration.

Wasted Goods

In a report from CNN Philippines, 4 container vans containing canned goods, used clothing, toiletries, and medical supplies that was sent by the donor countries in Cebu last 2014, were left to rot due to the negligence of the officials who were supposed to facilitate the shipment.

The BOC Cebu said that the failure of government officials to process the requirements for release of the shipment led to the utter wastage of the goods, which could have benefitted hundreds of families that were affected by the Yolanda tragedy.


The Cebu district BOC further explained that as much as they want to salvage the relief goods, they have laws and rules to follow. The donor and the consignee did not process the requirements that would’ve exempted the shipment from taxes since they are donations for calamity victims.

The canned goods, diapers, and medical supplies included in the shipment have all expired, so they will be destroyed by the BOC. Even used items of clothing that can still be salvaged and donated to DSWD will be condemned since the BOC are prohibited to accept forfeited goods based on their memorandum.

Netizens Reactions

The people from social media wasted no time in expressing their disgust and regret over the wasted goods. They condemn the negligence of the previous administration, in their failure to do a simple task of processing the requirements for the release of the shipments. Imagine the families that would have benefitted from such relief goods.

Here are some of the reactions from the netizens.

Source: Facebook

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