LOOK: 7 Minors Arrested For Robbing A House In QC, Luxurious Accessories Still Missing

Even minors today get involved in different crimes from stealing down to drug running. They are often used by syndicates because minors aren’t responsible to answer on crimes unless they reach 18 years of age in lieu of the Juvenile Justice Act of 2006 through the effort of Senator Kiko Pangilinan. According to such mandate, minors under 18 should not be held liable to an offense.

Minor Offenders

Just today, 7 minors are arrested for ransacking a house in Quezon City. In a recent Facebook live of DK Zarate, the minors went face to face with their victims in a police station. According to the furious woman accompanied by her husband, the kids robbed them of home appliances, bracelets, rings with diamond and pearls, wrist watches, and other luxurious items which the suspects can’t return. However, they were able to retrieve back the 40” Sony TV which they attempted to sell for 1,500 pesos only.

The victims were able to know the incident through the tanods in the barangay. The supposed buyer of the 40 inches TV had a bad feeling that the item was stolen thus reported the case to the barangay.

Bad Company

One of the suspect’s mother claims that her kid went to a bad company thus getting involved in a crime. She points out two other minors whom she claims to have a bad record from other barangay due to stealing. Furthermore, the team does the dirty work together but steals from each other as well.

Netizens find the kids fearless for doing the act. One even noticed that one of the minors is sleeping while the authorities and the victims are having a conversation and his friends being interviewed. Some suggest that the offenders should be imprisoned however the law says otherwise and will be put under the custody of DSWD as DK says.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions.

Source: Facebook

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