PANOORIN: Pres. Rody Duterte Termed VP Leni Robredo “Mahina Si Leni sa Diskarte”

The tough-talking President of the Philippines, President Rody Duterte retold that he was uncomfortable with leaving the country with his constitutional successor VP Leni Robredo given that he actually labeled VP Leni as “Mahina ang diskarte.”

The very first President from Mindanao shared his uncertainties of VP Leni Robredo’s leadership at the time of one of his speech in the event attended by members of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

Pres. Rody Duterte was cited as stating “She’s very good, she’s gentle, pero mahina talaga si Leni,” Duterte said as he explained further that “Hindi mahina ‘yung utak. Pumasa sa bar eh. Mahina sa diskarte and ang sasakay niyan,” yung left.” Pres. Duterte clarified.

Take a Look How Pres. Duterte Criticizes VP Leni on Her Leadership Capabilities:

The President even mentioned that “It was reputiated so why would I give it to the left? Why would I give it to the yellow,” Duterte stated.

Throughout the same speech, President Rody Duterte additionally guaranteed to the media and created the disclosure in a speech with PMA Alumni’s “If it’s cancer, it’s cancer. If it’s third stage, no more treatment. I will no longer prolong my agony of the office,” Pres. Duterte said.

Before objecting to VP Leni Robredo, Pres. Duterte also started to take the opportunity to advise the military by stating that if they desire a military junta they should inform him as soon as possible and he will personally administer their oathtaking.

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