Pres. Duterte: “I Never Fired Mocha, She Was The One Who Resigned.”

To once and for all refute the controversy that she was fired by the president as the Asec of PCOO, Mocha Uson talked to President Duterte and let him personally talk about the issue. The president confirmed that he never fired Mocha and that she was the one who quit her position.

Fake News

There were a lot of stories about the recent resignation of Mocha Uson as the Asec of PCOO. In her interviews with the media, Mocha cited that the main reason she resigned was that some congressmen were putting the budget of PCOO on hold because of her.

There were reports that many of her colleagues want her out because she was ruining the reputation of the office. Even the mainstream broadsheet Inquirer reported that President Duterte asked her to resign.

Full Support

In a post shared by Duterte Express on Facebook, Mocha showed the people who are the real perpetrators of Fake News. Although hesitant to disturb the president, she gathered enough courage to ask the president for a short interview.

Uson told the president that despite her resignation, her support for the president will never waver. She will continue supporting him and thanked the president for allowing her to serve in his government.

The president also expressed her support for Mocha and denied the news that he was the one who fired her. “I supported you all the way. I never fired Mocha, siya yung nag-resigned. All these years, when she was under heavy criticism, I supported her. Freedom of expression iyan.”

Running For Congress

Mocha also told the president of her plans to run for Congress in the coming 2019 elections. She has decided to run for office due to the overwhelming clamor from her millions of supporters. President Duterte did not disappoint her by saying he will support her all the way.

Here are some of the reactions from the netizens.

Source: Facebook

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