TANGA KASI! Albayalde slams state scholars: Why go against the government that gives you free education?

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde on Thursday questioned on why some students go against the government after the issue of linking some school of the ouster of President Duterte.

The AFP called the October as ‘Red October’, wherein they confirmed that CPP-NPA are plotting an ouster against the president.

The AFP also identified 18 schools that CPP are allegedly recruiting students to be part of the group.

On the press briefing, Albayalde lamented his sentiments about the issue. He cited that students in state universities given free education and yet they still go against the government. Compared to what the latter’s experience as PMAer.

“Ito masabi ko… these youth are given free education by no less than the government, hindi ba? In state universities you are given free education by the government and yet hindi ka pa nag-ga-gragraduate you are already going against the same government that gives you free education. Samantalang kami when we were given free education we were required to serve the country for a minimum of 8 years kahit saan,” Albayalde said.

So this is just our question: Why?” Albayalde added.

Albayalde warned the teachers who encouraged students to do rebellious act.

He said they may charge contempt for doing such thing.

“Eh kung kasuhan kaya natin yung teachers na nag-iinstigate ng mga estudyante? Diba? They should be also charged for contempt, dahil kung anu-anong itinuturo sa mga [estudyante], kung meron mang faculty members,” he said.

“Kung kami nga nagpapakamatay na para sa ating bansa (Even us who are dying for the country). We are trying to save generations dito, and yet ganoon ang mga itinuturo natin sa ating mga estudyante (we are teaching these things to our students),” Albayalde added.

Albayalde said that it’s the government and the people who paid those teachers, that’s why they should also do their job well.

“Sino ba nagbibigay ng salary sa kanila hindi ba, it’s the government, Filipino people, taxpayers hindi ba? So if we are being paid by the taxpayers, Flipino people, kailangan ang serbisyo natin is for the Filipino people also,” Albayalde said.

Source: Inquirer, filipinoclip.com
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