WATCH: Politics-Version Fliptop Battle Between Women’s Group Gabriela And Bato Supporters

After the start of the period of the application of COC (Certificate of Candidacy) for those who will be running on the 2019 elections, the supporters of each politician and party lists are active to fight for their bet.

Throwing of punches

In a video posted by PTV Facebook Page, supporters of the group Gabriela is seen shouting insults against another group which was said to be the supporters of Bato Dela Rosa.

However, the later is not taking it silently. Despite the Gabriela group having a mic to broadcast their insults, the other group is also shouting back theirs.

For the poor

The Gabriela group are fighting for the poor, they said.

“Kahirapan ang pinaglalaban ko!”

The Gabriela group wants the government to act upon the people who are stricken by poverty. They are shouting that it should be the government’s job to help the poor people.

Gabriela even said that the government should be ashamed and that they will not be shouting there if they have food to eat.

You should work!

Dela Rosa’s supporters, on the other hand, do not agree with Gabriela’s plea. They believe that these people should not be sitting and waiting for the government to help them, but instead, they should start working for themselves and not expect everything from the government.

One person from the Dela Rosa side even shouted that there is no reason for them to be ashamed because they are working.

“Masipag kami!”

Watch the video here:

People’s side

The comments from netizens are also condemning the reasoning of Gabriela. According to some of the comments, poor people should be working instead of expecting help.

One even said, if a person is born poor, then it is not his fault. However, if he dies and he is still poor, then it is his fault and he should not be blaming it on other people.

Some comments are saying that Gabriela is paid because they are quiet when other women are being taken advantage of, and they are just choosing who to help.

Source: Facebook

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