WATCH: Woman hurts a traffic enforcer who call her out for illegally parking her vehicle in Davao City

A woman has been called arrogant by the netizens after a social media user captured how she badly treated the traffic enforcers of Davao City who apprehended her for illegal parking.

Yesterday, netizen Mara G. Duay captured an unusual situation in Davao City, a place where people are known to follow the traffic rules and other ordinances.

The video showed a woman in a red dress, fuming and debating with one of the traffic officers who explained the traffic violation that she committed.

Mara said that the incident could be ended well if the woman decided just to surrender her license, however, the violator insisted that she didn’t commit anything wrong.

The situation worsened after the violator hurts one of the traffic enforcers, fortunately, the said official and his colleagues kept calm.

It’s not yet known what happened to the woman after the incident, but netizens expected that she’s going to face multiple cases for hurting the enforcer.

They also urged Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte to make an action against the woman who belittled the law enforcers of her hometown.

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is not yet giving any statement on the incident.

Netizens also reminded the violator that no one should act above the law.

“Pasikatin natin si maam na asal super kalye na walang pinag aralan di ba pwd mkinig ka nlng maam kc po maam no one is above the law kahit presidente kapa ha isak sak mo sa baga mo maam next time mag private plane kana lng i’m sure hindi ka sisitain sa himpapawid kang mag asal pusa ha na yuyuko yuko pag may kaso na ha pls lng wag maawa ka …”

Meanwhile, another netizen who seems to know the lady in red personally explained their side on social media.

Netizen Dranhcir Mibulos said that the lady in red is pregnant and her temper might be affected by her current condition.

They also apologized to the traffic enforcers who apprehended the lady in red.

“We asked to consider our situation, girl in red is pregnant and just fetched her from the Lab result just across our car . Sa kadaghan nagpark didtong dapita kami pay giinitan naghangyo mi sa makadaghan unya gihagit niya nga sumbagon siya (TMC Officer). Her prenancy is critical kay hapit sya nakuhaan last month maong always nagpacheck- up sa OBY. Dili gyud sila kasabot maong ingon ato ang naitabo. Thank you to the police officers who showed sympathetic actions. Anyway, Head of TMC considered our situation due to medical and health reasons. We are so sorry for what happened. To all parties involved we ask to accept our apology.”

Some netizens labeled the lady in red as the Mindanao version of 5-minutes girl, the pregnant lady who also became infamous last month for disrespecting the traffic officials who apprehended her for illegal parking.

In the end, the said infamous internet personality issued a public apology.

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